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How To Give A Dog Or Puppy Pills

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How can I make my dog take his medicine?

Dogs are no more fond of the taste of their medicine than most humans. Unfortunately for us this means that we may have to get creative in encouraging them to take their medicine. One popular product to help your dog take his medicine is a pill pocket Buy Here . You can buy pill pockets at most pet stores.

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If you don’t have any pill pockets on hand their are other things in your fridge that may work.

I like to use bits of hot dogs. You just shove the pill into the center.
I have also had success with wrapping the pill in super soft cheese or using boiled pasta. The pasta with hallow center big enough to put a pill into. Make sure that whatever food your using is safe for dogs and will not cause them harm.

If all fails, watch our video on how to give a pill by putting it in the dog’s mouth.