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Stop Barking By Ignoring

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How to stop a dog from biting by ignoring your dog: If your dog is barking to get your attention, simply ignore him. You have to wait until he stops. The barking might get worse. He will probably start barking more or loudly but you just have to wait it out. As soon as he is quiet, you can praise him and give him what it was that he wanted.

Can ignoring help stop unwanted barking?

Barking can be a huge frustration in your household. However, you have to remember that barking is how dogs communicate. Dogs bark to communicate to you their anxiety, to get your attention or to alarm you about something that is going on.

Before proceeding with teaching your dog to stop barking it is important to know why your dog is barking. The method described in the video is only for dogs who are barking to get something from you. That something can be to get your attention, to get you to give them something or to get you to do something. It is the kind of barking that does not stop until you pick your dog up or give them food, treats or toys. This barking is also not caused by discomfort or fear in your dog, it is simply your dog demanding to get your attention or something from you.

If this is the first time you begin to teach your dog to stop barking, it is going to be hard for your dog to understand. They have been able to bark at you before and now they can’t. Their barking will get louder and harder, but you have to stay patient. Wait for at least 3 seconds of no barking and then give your dog attention. Slowly increase how long you want your dog to stay quiet.

It is important to not ignore a dog who is barking out of fear or separation anxiety. Try to solve the underlying cause first. You might have to call a professional dog trainer or behaviorist to help you.

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