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Importance Of Having Kids Train Dogs

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Why should kids train their dog?

Teaching tricks or commands can help your child bond with the dog and make their relationship much better. Practice commands with your dog to make them a better-behaved dog. Bored dogs misbehave more.

How can involving your child in dog training keep them safe?

Kids have a very special bond with dogs and yet, they are the number one victim of dog bites. It is important to help children learn how to interact with dogs in a safe and fun way. Doing positive reinforcement training is a safe way for kids to interact with their dog. I encourage the parents to just supervise, but really let the kids take the reigns. They need to know how to correct their dog’s behavior in a safe manner that doesn’t frighten or elicit a negative response in the dog.

You should never have a child use aversive techniques! This can damage the bond between them and cause your dog to fear or dislike your child.