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Interactions During Walks

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Why should you interact with your dog during walks?

Try to interact with your dog when walking him. This will help you bond with your dog and help him not pull. Tell him that he is a good boy. Give some pets and loves. Maybe do some commands. This should be a fun outing with your dog, not an army march down the street.

How to distract your dog from pulling?

The easiest way to stop your dog or puppy from pulling is to talk to them during the walk. Your dog or puppy is so excited to go for a walk that they want to drag you there. This is mainly because your interactions are not stimulating, and that he wants something more exciting. If you just periodically stop and talk to your dog or puppy, have them come to you to get some loves, he will stay by your side more consistently and won’t pull on the leash as much. If you talk to your dog or puppy on walks he will be looking back at you causing him to slow down and consequently not pull on his leash.