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How To Introducing a New Dog To The House

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Melody Stone is the Adoption Program Manager at the Seattle Humane Society. Please visit their amazing adoptable dogs and cats here in Seattle, WA. 

How To Introducing a New Dog To The House?

One thing that we always want to make sure all adopters are prepared for is introducing the dog to your home. What that means, it can be something as simple and as big as just planning on where the dog is going to stay when maybe you are out for the day or is this dog crate trained? Has he ever been crate trained and are you interested in crate training because that can be a great way for helping with potty training and all those kinds of factors.

Introducing dogs to each other?

Also, how will you introduce the dog to another dog in the household? This is also super important. So, preparing a dog for the house may include doing a quick little intro of your resident dog outside before you bring him into the house sort of on neutral territory. That’s a really great way to really strengthen those relationships between the two dogs in the household.

What are some other house issues that you should be on the lookout for?

Managing potty issues, you know we always want to assume that dogs are going to be potty trained. We love the idea of that, but we are not naïve to the fact that you’re probably going to have to start over from scratch or assume that this dog just doesn’t know the new environment and you’re going to have to potty train.