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Why Does My Dog ___ ? Philosophy:

We love dogs and want to make their lives better. We aim to help you understand and communicate with our canine companions through our series of informative dog training videos. If you take these lessons to heart, we suspect that you and your dog will form a stronger bond than ever before.

Our mission is to make the lives of dogs and their owners richer by providing dog training tricks and information that enhance the art of communicating with dogs and improve the human and dog relationship. The bite-sized, “snackable” content ensures that you spend less time training and more time playing and enjoying your dog’s company.

We provide the tips and tricks to help you manage your dog’s behavior. It is important to prevent unwanted behavior in your dog while rewarding positive actions without the use of intimidation and force. Our goal is to help every dog feel confident and comfortable in their environment. There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about dogs, mostly because of the supposed complex nature of dog training. We want people to know that teaching your dog to behave properly does not have to be a time-consuming endeavor. You don’t have to suffer a constant struggle for dominance. Instead, we aim to help you create a relationship that is formed out of mutual respect, a place where you can find a common ground between you and your furry best friend.