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How Much Will Your New Dog Cost You

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Consider how much a new dog will cost you. 

It costs money to have a dog. Between adoption fees and pet supplies, an average dog will cost around $10,000 in his short life. You also want to consider extras like dog walkers and groomers. On top of that, dog’s health can change so quickly. It is advised to have an emergency vet fund.

How much will my dog cost?

Americans spend billions of dollars on their dogs every year. Your dog or new puppy will cost you money. Kennels, bedding, dishes, food, toys and vet visits, registration, collar, leashes and more can cost the pet owner anywhere from 800 dollars to 1,500 dollars a year. This is for standard care and does not take into account emergency injuries or other situations that can cost the owner money.

What are some costs associated with owning a pet?

One-time pet expenses

  • Spaying or Neutering: Dog: $200 / Cat: $145
  • Initial Medical Exam: Dog: $70 / Cat: $130
  • Collar or Leash: Dog: $30 / Cat: $10
  • Litter Box: Cat: $25
  • Scratching Post: Cat: $15
  • Crate: Dog: $95 depending on size
  • Carrying Crate: Dog: $60 / Cat: $40
  • Training: Dog: $110
  • Total One-time Costs: Dog: $565 / Cat: $365

Annual pet expenses

  • Food: Dog: $120/ Cat: $145
  • Annual Medical Exams: Dog: $235 / Cat: $130
  • Litter: Cat: $200
  • Toys and Treats: Dog: $55 / Cat: $25
  • License: Dog: $15
  • Pet Health Insurance: Dog: $225 / Cat: $175
  • Miscellaneous: Dog: $45 / Cat: $30
  • Total Annual Costs: Dog: $695 / Cat: $705 estimates annual costs to be between $287 to $2,485 a year. With an average life span of 14 years those totals can be from $4,242 all the way to $38,905 –> are you ready for this?

What unexpected situations can cost me to spend money on my dog?

Your puppy or dog will cause damage to your house. It could be something simple like old age and not being able to hold their pee anymore, to developing separation anxiety and ripping doors off. Pets can also develop diseases, such as cancers and get serious injuries if in a fight with another animal, get hit by a car or eat something dangerous, such as diapers or poisonous foods. There are also extras like dog walkers and groomers. Not all dogs will require those, but you should be prepared.  Some people find that pet health insurance can be cost effective if their pet has a life long illness. Talk to your vet to see if pet insurance is a viable option for you.