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Is Mouthing On Humans Acceptable

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Is mouthing on people during play allowed?

Mouthing is a natural doggy play style and sign of affection. However, it’s only allowed if the dog is not biting down. Accidental marks will happen, but it shouldn’t be a consistent thing. Each dog has a personal play style and you should be able to tell the difference between play and aggression. Always supervise your dog with small children. He can learn to play nicely with small kids and can learn to not mouth on them if not allowed.

Should mouthing or biting be allowed in dog-human interactions?

When playing with your dog, you can decide if you want to allow your dog to mouth or bite you during the interaction. I allow my dogs to put their mouth around me but not to bite down. If there is any pressure, we stop play completely. I say “Oh No, all done” and just walk away from the dog or puppy. This way you control how hard a bite is allowed. Remember that accidents can happen and in their excitement your dog may bite down too hard. If you are at all uncomfortable with that thought it is best to train your dog to avoid mouthing and biting when playing with you.

Always supervise your dog with children.

  • ALWAYS supervise children playing with dogs. Accidents can and will happen. Your dog could easily bite too hard and hurt your child. Seek medical attention if the bite breaks the skin. Your child might not be able to read your dog and know when the dog has reached a level or arousal that is not appropriate.