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Dogs And Puppies Have No Concept Of Valuables

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Do dogs have a concept of valuables?

Dogs have no concept of valuables. They will chew on anything. They don’t know your antique table is worth a lot of money. What they know is that the wood feels good to bite into!

Why does my dog chew up  my valuables?

It can be so frustrating to come home and see that your puppy chewed up your most expensive pair of shoes. We can get upset and think “He did this because I was not home with him so he destroyed my best shoes!” Your dog had no idea that those were your best shoes. He might be able to tell that your Italian Leather shoes taste better than the dollar flip flops! Chewing is a normal behavior for dogs, its a way for them to explore their surroundings, much like how we use our hands to fidget.

You have to teach your dog and puppy about chewing only appropriate things. You have to manage your dog’s or puppy’s access to things you don’t want chewed on. It is not their fault if you leave a tempting leather bag with a dog who is not fully house trained! Bored, lonely and anxious dogs are more prone to chewing, and chewing happens more often when the dog is left alone and has no one to correct this behavior.