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Pet First Aid and CPR Class Review: ProPetHero

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First Aid and CPR class review:

Emergencies happen all the time. It is important for you to be prepared for them. ProPetHero teaches First Aid and CPR techniques to address the most common emergencies that can happen to your dog or your cat. It is taught and developed by a licensed veterinarian who specializes in animal emergency and critical care. The reason I really like the class is that it is online so you can study in the comfort of your home, self-paced and really easy to follow. The videos are short and to the point. I strongly suggest this course to anyone who works, volunteers or owns animals.

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ProPetHero Dog and Cat First Aid and CPR Review

I think that there is nothing scarier than when your dog is having an emergency. Trying to figure out if this is an emergency that needs to be seen by a vet or if it is something that you can fix right away while your dog is experiencing the situation, can be frightening to dog owners. There have been so many times that my dogs have swallowed something or were breathing funny and I have always been so thankful that I was certified in dog first aid and CPR.

I came across ProPetHero and took their course to update myself on pet first aid and CPR, and I loved the class!! It is taught by an actual critical care and emergency veterinarian, so you know you are getting reliable information from an expert in the field. The class was also self-paced, so I could take a break and play with one of my maniacs. The demonstrations were on live animals, so you could see what you need to do.

I strongly recommend dog owners, pet sitters, dog walkers, and anyone who works with dogs, to take this class. For such a small fee, you could save your dog’s or another dog’s life. You can check out one of the videos from the class here.