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How To Play Hide-n-Seek With Your Dog

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How to teach your dog to play hide-and-go-seek?

1. Pick something to hide. It can be a toy, a treat or a person.
2. Have your dog in a sit stay. You can also have your dog in a down.
3. Go hide something in another room.
4. Make sure your dog does not cheat by following you!
5. Release your dog. Always use their release word like “All Done” or “Okay”.
6. You might have to give the clues when first starting.

Playing Hide and Go Seek with your dog has several benefits to you and your dog or puppy.

  • Playing with your dog or puppy builds a strong bond between the two of you. Puppies bond with their siblings and mom through play. Same applies to their human companion.
  • Dogs need a lot of mental stimulation. Younger dogs need a lot of exercises. Playing Hide and Go Seek not only allows your dog to run around but also has him use his brain power and nose to find things.
  • This activity strengthens his “Stay” making it much better and more reliable.
  • Playing hide-and-go-seek can help with nose work if you want to teach that later on to your dog.
  • This game also helps challenge your dog mentally so that they are not as bored at home.
  • This is a great alternative to going for a walk if the weather is not nice.