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Dog And Puppy Potty Training: Praise Outside

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The importance of praising your puppy outside: 

Always praise your puppy or new dog when they potty outside. You have to make sure that the praise happens right as the puppy or dog finishes. Remember most dogs only follow one step of causality, so if your puppy finishes and starts sniffing around when you praise, he might think you are praising him for sniffing. Each dog is different.

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Potty Training Rules for Outside:

  1. Always praise your dog when he goes outside.
  2. Try to avoid using treats.
  3.  This will eliminate him stopping halfway so he can get the treat and then finishing inside.

I recommend saving the praise for right when you think the puppy or dog is finishing up because you don’t want to interrupt the puppy and then have them finish inside.

If your puppy or dog does not go potty when you take him out, make sure to take him out again much sooner.