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Dog And Puppy Potty Training: During The Night

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Potty training at night:

When your puppy first comes home, he might need to go potty during the night. Put his water and food away an hour or so before bed. Make sure to take him out right before you go to bed. Figure out how long he can hold it and then slowly increase that time for him. If he can sleep for 4 hours before going out, maybe the next night have him hold it for 4.5 hours and so on. How quickly your increase his time, will depend on your dog.

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How to night potty train my dog?

Until you know how long your dog or puppy can sleep before needing to go out, you should have him or her in a crate or small doggy area. Make sure that you allow your dog proper potty breaks so that the crate remains unsoiled. If this is not done, your dog’s tendency to hold her bladder while confined can be broken and will make potty training that much harder.  Take your puppy outside right away to potty, do not allow her to learn that going to the bathroom inside is even an option. I would not recommend trusting your puppy until they are about 9 months old. Yes, 9 months old! Until then, they need to have limited access to your house. I suggest crating your dog until they can wonder around the house on their own. Slowly let them have more and more access to the house until they can control their potty!