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Product Review: Max And Neo Dog Collar And Leash

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Best dog leash and collar review:

You have many options for leash and collar for your dogs. The reason we love Max and Neo products is because, for every product purchased, an identical product is donated to an animal rescue. This way you can help a dog in need simply by doing what you already do, buy things for your dog. The collar and leash are very well made. The leash is comfortable in your hand, sturdy (took Truffle months to chew up his leash) and has a reflective stitching. The collar is very stylish! And who does not love knowing that they helped a rescue dog? We really recommend that you check them out for your next purchase.

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How Max and Neo company gives back:

Max and Neo gear developed from the idea that there is a way that a dog lover can help a rescue at no additional cost to them while not doing anything extra. Simply buying something from Max and Neo, you can make a donation to a rescue. Actually, it is made automatically for you. Shelters and rescues are in constant need of supplies. What Max and Neo does, is they match your purchase to the donation. For every leash, collar, harness or dog bed purchased, the exact product is donated to one of the 400+ shelters and rescues.

The reason we really love Max and Neo Gear is simply that they are such high quality! You don’t have to settle for a sub par item and neither does the shelter! You both get something sturdy, pretty and comfortable. So, all I do is buy something from them and they donate the same item to a local shelter. So simple!!

It also makes you feel great when walking your dog because you know that the leash and collar helped some poor dog in a shelter. Who does not love that feeling?