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How To Properly Say Hi To Dogs

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How to say hi to a dog?

When meeting a dog, ask the dog’s owner first to pet the dog. When you meet them, you don’t want to run up to them and scare them. Let him sniff your hand. Pet the dog in his chest or his back. Always ask the adult to pet the dog.

Golden rules for greeting a dog:

  • Never pet a dog without owner permission
  • Always let the dog make the first contact

How to greet a dog?

  • Never just walk up and start touching a dog, especially working dogs. Working dogs who get distracted can fail to do their job of keeping their owners safe.
  • Always ask the owner before approaching a dog.
  • Once you get permission don’t force yourself on the dog. Hold out a hand and let the dog sniff and come up to you.
  • Pet the chest and back area. Be gentle.

Teach your children how to properly greet dogs, for their safety.