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How To Be Responsible With Dog Treats

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The Pet Food Institute and its members are committed to helping dogs and cats live long and healthy lives. They advocate for legislation, regulations, and technologies that support the domestic manufacture and global distribution of safe, quality pet food and that provide for consumer choice.

How to be responsible with dog treats so your dog does not get fat?

What I typically tell pet owners is that you want to plan for about 90% of the daily calories to be coming from your complete and balanced food, whatever that may be, and you want 10% of the calories that you feed every day to be left over as treats. I would never want to tell you that you have to take the treats away but you do have to make sure you’re feeding them in moderation.

How to not over-treat your dog?

As you are training your dog using positive reinforcement or doing the trick training you will find that you are using a lot of treats. We want to believe that all of our dog owners want to be careful as to not add extra pounds to their dogs. It is a big concern in the dog world that more and more dogs are becoming overweight.

Here are some things that you should be doing:

  • Measure out your dog’s food for the day. Example: Your dog eats 4 cups a day (Truffle the Maniac amount).
  • Split the amount in half. 2 cups and 2 cups.
  • Use 2 cups for feeding your dog. Example: 1 cup in the morning or 1 cup in the evening. OR .5 cup in the morning andcups5 cup in the am. Whatever your vet suggested.
  • Use the other 2 cups as treats.
  • Whatever is left over, add to your dog’s dinner.

This way your dog is not consuming extra calories and is still getting rewarded.

Other suggestions:

  • Use veggies as treats (talk to your vet about toxic veggies)
  • Use low-calorie treats
  • Use treats that do not have extra fillers like ZiwiPeak
  • Use toys as a reward
  • Use attention as a reward

The Pet Food Institute also suggests:

  • Feed treats in moderation.
  • Use pet treats alongside a complete and balanced pet diet.
  • Avoid feeding table scraps.
  • Make sure your pets get plenty of exercises and fresh water.