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How To Restrain A Dog Or Puppy

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How can I safely restrain my dog?

Situations may arise that for the safety of your dog or others they may need to be restrained. There may also be some medical procedures, such as vaccinations and nail trimmings, that may freak your dog out but are necessary for his health. Here are the proper steps to take while restraining your dog:

1. Place one hand in front of the dog’s neck.
2. Place the other hand in front of the rear legs and under the abdomen.
3. Gently pull the dog toward you until he is snug against you.
4. You might need to muzzle the dog if he is too close to the face and is injured.

Speak to a professional to see if habituation is an option to get your dog comfortable in the stressful situation.

Most of the time it is not worth the trouble to restrain your dog. It is not his fault that he was not handled properly when he was younger. Restraining some dogs can make them even more freaked out. Call a professional instead while you work on habituation with your dog. You want to preserve your relationship with the dog and not make the experience even worse.