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Review: Night Dawg LED Dog Collar, Leash and Collar Cover

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Review of Night Dawg LED Dog Collar, Leash and Collar Cover

Many people have to walk their dogs in the evening, when I walk my dog, this Night Dawg LED collar is absolutely a staple! It’s visible up to 1,000 feet away and is water resistant. If you have an extra fluffy dog, I strongly encourage to buy the light up leash as well, because his hair can cover the collar up. If you use a harness, you can purchase a collar cover that then clip over the front of it. NiteIze Night Dawg LED collar and leash are extremely well made and their customer service is outstanding.

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Our thoughts on the Night Dawg LED Dog Collar, Leash and Collar Cover

I cannot suggest the Night Dawg LED Dog Collar, Leash and Collar Cover enough!

I have seen so many people walking their dogs at night with no reflective gear at all. It is so hard for cars to see your dog, especially when you come around the corner. What is worse, is so many people walk the dog off leash. So even if the person is wearing something reflective, the dog is not attached to them and can be hard to spot.

The leash and the collar clip are just as amazing! I do recommend buying the dog leash as well as the dog collar. I found that on Gabe, the extra fluffy dog, the dog collar was harder to see. The collar clip was amazing when I attached it to his harness instead. The leash added extra safety.

These products have been great for when Truffle the Maniac wants to play outside in the dark because I can see his collar. Becuase he is dark brown, he blends right in and can be hard to spot. With these amazing products, he can’t really hide from me. The products are very well made and stay good for a long time. I almost want them to die sooner so I can buy new ones, but I guess they are considerate of our environment.

From the Site NiteIze Night Dawg :

“For all of you dog owners to keep track of your favorite buddy day and night, the high-visibility Nite Dawg LED Collar features a bright red LED that illuminates fully around your dog’s neck and also has passive reflectivity striping for optimum visibility. The LED is visible up to 1000 ft, and can be set to glow or flash modes with the press of a button. Made of high quality nylon, this lightweight, durable collar is also highly water resistant for the water-bowl-splashers and the dogs who just can’t resist jumping in every body of water they see. If those features weren’t enough, this collar has easily replaceable batteries that can run for up to 100 hours at a time.”