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Review: GlowStreak™ LED Ball With SpotLit LED Collar Light

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Review of GlowStreak™ LED dog ball with SpotLit LED collar light

This NiteIze GlowStreak™ LED Ball is great for dogs who want to play fetch when it’s dark outside. Especially in the winter, when it gets dark early. The ball is motion activated, water proof and it floats. It comes with a SpotLit LED Collar Light that attaches to the collar so that you can see where your dog is. This has been great for me as my dog loves to fetch but sometimes walks away from the ball, so I have to go find it. Plus, the dog is hard to see in the dark as well. Now, I can easily find both.

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What we thought of the GlowStreak™ LED dog ball with SpotLit LED collar light

First and foremost, it is every dog’s favorite ball in the WDMD household. They will actually argue about who gets to play with it – so I have multiple around the house. However, as all dog owners know, they will still bicker over one!

The reason we love the GlowStreak™ LED ball is that it is very well made and can out last even Truffle’s powerful jaws. He has had his for about a year now and it still looks like new. The ball is covered in a rubber that is easy on their teeth, so you do not have to worry about fiber glass grinding their teeth down (tennis balls!!). It is made out of safe ingredients in case your dog does manage to chew through it.

Both have a very long battery life! Just when I start to think that they are done for, they keep lighting up.

The best part about this is the SpotLit LED collar light. Truffle is about 1.6 years-old right now (2017) and he wants to play all the time, day and night, he does not care. So the SpotLit goes on his collar so I can see where he is in the dark and the ball lights up so I can see where that is as well. It is just the best combination!

Did I mention yet that the ball floats??!! Yeah!

What is a NiteIze GlowStreak™ LED Ball?

This NiteIze GlowStreak™ LED Ball is just so much fun to play with your dog. If your dog is anything like mine, she does not care that it is dark outside, she still wants to play. It is hard to see where she is and especially hard to see the ball. The best part about this Ball is that the SpotLit LED Collar Light comes with it. Now, you can see where the dog is and the ball. How awesome is that?! The ball also floats and is waterproof. So we can play by the water and still be able to find the ball. This ball is not a chew toy and should not be left unsupervised with your dog.