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Review IQ Dog Treat Ball – Activity Ball

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Review of the IQ dog treat ball

This toy is a great way to have your dog work for treats or food. You insert food into the ball and then set a difficulty level on it. It took my dogs a while to get used to it. They had to figure out that you need to push it around the floor so the treats can fall out. Now they love it. Because the ball is plastic, do not leave it unsupervised with large dogs. They can bite down on it and break it.

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How the IQ Dog Treat Ball can keep your dog busy:

It is so much fun to watch your dog push the IQ Treat Ball around the house. My dogs refused to touch it when I first introduced it to them. I left the IQ Treat Ball (do not leave unsupervised with large dogs because they can bite it and break the plastic) with food in it and when I came back the food was all gone. I was only able to watch them play with it much later, once they were used to the idea of working for their food. Food dispensing dog toys are a wonderful way to change up your dog’s old routines. Dogs are naturally curious and they love to work for their food. This toy offers a way for them to do both. This is an amazing tool to keep dogs busy and out of trouble, remember a bored dog can be a destructive dog.