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Review Seek-A-Treat Dog Puzzle Board

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Review Seek-A-Treat Dog Puzzle Board

This toy challenges your dog mentally by having them find treats that are hiding inside. You can hide treats or their food in the spaces. It took my dogs a little bit to learn how to slide the covers over. They did try to bite at it, so I would not recommend leaving this unsupervised with your dog. I had a lot of fun showing them that there are treasures hidden in the toy. Now they can slide the covers all on their own. I still have fun watching them get excited about discovering hidden treats.

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The Spot Shuffle Bone dog puzzle is just a lot of fun! The puzzle is made of pressed wood so it is pretty durable. However, I would advise against leaving it with your dog unsupervised. They can still chew it up. Some reviewers say that the edges are really sharp on the toy, however, I did not have that issue with the one I received. When first introducing it to your dog you can either just let them figure it out on their own or you can show your dog by slightly opening the covers and then letting your dog do the rest. This toy is just a beginning one, and you can get others that are harder once your dog has mastered the Shuffle Bone.

This is another awesome way to keep your dog busy and out of trouble. It should not replace attention or exercise, but if your dog requires more stimulation this toy may be a great addition to his routine.