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Review: Trupanion Health Insurance

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Dog (and cat) health insurance review:

Trupanion offers medical insurance for dogs and cats. We have one simple policy written by veterinarians for veterinarians. We here at Trupanion want our owners to be able to provide the best medical care possible to their pets without having to worry about expenses and finances and economic euthanasia which unfortunately happens, we want to eliminate that. We all love pets, and that’s why we are all here, we are all here with a single goal in mind which is to help pets and help them receive the best medical care possible. Besides providing coverage for general treatments, we also offer a number of breakthrough treatments such as behavioral modification, chiropractic treatments, hydrotherapy, naturopathy all sorts of treatments that are generally not available to the general customers, so we want to be able to provide that for everyone.

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Trupanion Health Insurance Review

When we adopted Truffle, he came with a shelter certificate from Trupanion. This shelter certificate offered immediate coverage for him post adoption. When contacting Trupanion Health Insurence, to update his information, the company was excellent to work with. They were really helpful and helped me decide what would be best for Truffle and myself. They were never pushy or tried to upsell me on anything. After we had spoken on the phone, we got to visit them in their Seattle location where we met many of the claim specialists and witnessed them taking calls and helping people figure out what they need to do.

Trupanion does not just say that they love pets, they live this. The office was filled with dogs! Young dogs, old dogs, and all the different breeds. The company cares about pets and really wants to make sure that we all have access to medical assistance if the time comes.

Truffle and I have yet to use the insurance, and we hope we never will. But it helps me have the peace of mind that if we need it, Trupanion will be there for us!