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Review: ZiwiPeak Dog Food

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Review of ZiwiPeak dog food

ZiwiPeak food is all natural, raw and fully balance. Dogs just love it. I actually use the food as training treats. It is really healthy and is also the perfect size for luring. Pretty much all the training videos on this site have ZiwiPeak in them. I have yet to find a dog who is not motivated to listen to me when I have this food. They can’t get enough of it. The company behind the food strongly believes in providing the best for your dog. I really think they have succeeded!

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ZiwiPeak Dog Food:

ZiwiPeak dog food is tasty (well, I personally have not tried it but my dogs just go wild when they see it). I feel good about giving it to my dogs because it has all the nutrients my dog requires and has no artificial additives. My favorite part about the dog food is that you can use it for dog training! I know that for a lot of my dog training and dog obedience calls for the use of treats. Well, I don’t want my dogs to fill up on “junk” so I use ZiwiPeak dog food instead. It is precut into little squares that are perfect for luring your dog when starting to train a new behavior. Like all lures they should be phased out between 6-12 training sessions.