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How Strong Is Dog’s Sense Of Smell Compared To People

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What is a dog’s sense of smell compared to humans?

Their noses are much stronger than ours. They are about 10,000 times better. They can sniff our cancers. Pin point even the smallest trace of an allergen in your food. Encourage them to sniff and maybe participate in some nose workshops with your dog.

How much stronger is a dog’s sense of smell compared to our own?

Dogs and puppies have 220 million olfactory receptors  in their noses. Humans only have 5 million. Because of this, dogs can be trained  to sniff out allergies, find missing people, sniff out cancers  and find food anywhere in your house. Their noses are 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than ours . To put that in perspective or give an analogy, you are able to see as far as a third of a mile while your dog can 3,000 miles away! Watch this video for some more information.

Fun facts about a dog’s nose:

  • The lubrication on your dog’s nose helps trap scents and keep them.
  • Unlike ours, dog’s nostrils work independently of each other.
  • Dogs don’t exhale through their nostrils but rather through the slits found on the sides of their noses.
  • Your dog’s nose print is much like your own finger print, unique to its owner.
  • A dry nose does not mean a dog is sick, look for other symptoms such as discoloration.