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Dog And Puppy Potty Training: Set A Schedule

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How long can my puppy or dog hold it? You need to take your puppy out first thing when you wake up, after eating and soon after he drinks. You should take him out after play time as well. A puppy needs to go out every hour for his age. 2 months old can usually go 2 hours, 3 months every 3 hours and so on. After 6 months, your puppy needs to go out every 6 to 8 hours. If you are not home during the day, hire a dog walker to take him out until he has better control of his bladder.

Dog Accidents Clean Up

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What does the schedule look like when potty training your puppy?

Keeping your puppy or dog on a potty schedule is just the most important part of house training and potty training. Young dogs and puppies need to let out more often than older dogs. You need to have a plan on when and how often your puppy or dog goes out to avoid accidents.

I love this from Pat Miller: “One last thing: That old rolled up newspaper? You can use it to smack yourself in the head every time your dog has an accident, for allowing your management program to slip. If it’s not caused by a medical problem, an indoor potty incident is always a management lapse.” Read more here.

Remember when adding a new a family member that it takes up your time to integrate them appropriately, so allow for that in your schedule.