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Why Foster A Dog or A Cat

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Jenna Pringle is the marketing manager at Seattle Humane. To learn more about this amazing organization, please visit them and check out the amazing dogs that are available for adoption or foster.

Why you should consider fostering a dog (or a cat):

So, fostering pets is really a great resource for any shelter. It literally expands the walls of your shelter, it allows us to take in more pets than we are physically able to hold. This allows kittens to grow until they are able to be spayed and neutered. And puppies to grow until they can be spayed and neutered. It allows the pets to get the behavioral modification that they might need, training whatever it might be that pets can and their foster parents can actually offer.

Fostering can be a good way to see if you are ready for a pet.

It also is a great way for people to decide if having a dog is best for them. So, they can through the potty training routine, the crate training, the daily walks and just see what the demands are as well as helping a shelter pet in need. So, anyone can foster a pet who has extra space and extra time. Literally, a spare room, a bathroom, even space enough for crates because that’s literally where they are going to be in a shelter. So as long as you are able to offer that pet walks and the joys of just being in a home, you are going to be benefiting that dog in many ways.