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Should I Allow My Dog On The Furniture

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Should I allow my dog on the furniture?

It is totally up to you. Decide this before you bring your dog home and be consistent. It is hard to teach a dog to stay off the furniture if he was allowed before. Dogs do not get on the furniture to be dominant. They do so to be closer to you or to lay on something softer than their bed.

Is there any reason as to why a dog should not be allowed on the furniture?

Dog’s are social animals and you may notice that your dog wants to be on your bed or sofa with you. You may even notice that they dog prefers these areas even if you’re not around. Allowing your dog on your furniture does mean you are creating a dominance problem or is it counterintuitive to training.

The question is really simple, do you want your dog on the furniture? If you are worried about furniture getting dirty (it will) or possibly damaged (it might) training your dog to stay off the furniture is the path for you. But if that doesn’t bother you, enjoy snuggling with your pet!