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Teach Your Dog Or Puppy Impulse Control

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How to teach impulse control?

1. Have your dog in a sit by the door.
2. Tell him to wait.
3. Slowly start opening the door.
4. If your dog breaks a wait at any point, close the door and start over.
5. You should be able to open the door all the way and then release the dog.
6. This is great right before the walk because your dog starts to pay attention to you. Rather than go out in a crazy state.

How to set the tone before going on a walk?

If you allow your dog to begin your walk with high energy he will maintain it by pulling and other unwanted behavior. It is important to make sure that your dog is calm and is listening to your commands before walking out the door. This will make leashing easier and make the walk more enjoyable for both of you.

Stay patient when teaching your dog to wait at the door. The first time you do this, it might take more time to actually get the dog to sit nicely at the door. The best reward for your dog in this case is leaving the house and going for a walk! Stay consistent, keep training session short and use life rewards!