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Teach Your Dog To Let You Wipe His Feet

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How to teach a dog to let him wipe his feet?

1. You can use the wait command for so many things.
2. One thing is you can tell the dog to wait while you are wiping his feet from coming inside.
3. You can tell your dog to wait so that they don’t rush out the car door. Or any gate.
4. A wait is like stay, but it is a little bit more relaxed. The dog can move around some, just can’t rush out in front of you.

How useful is the stay or wait command?

The stay or wait command can be used for more than making your dog stay in one place for long periods of time. It can be used to keep your dog still enough to wipe their feet, wash them, allow to open doors and put on collars and leashes.

It can also be used as a training tool to stop unwanted behavior, such as begging. If you command your dog to stay in the living room during your meal times, he will be unable to beg at the dining room table.