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Stay Or Wait When People Come To The Door

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Teach your dog to have good door manners by having him wait by the door

1. This command takes a while to learn so be very patient.
2. Have your dog in a sit at the location you would like them to be when guests come over.
3. It needs to be close to the door so they can see.
4. Tell your dog wait, and take a step toward the door.
5. If your dog breaks the wait, tell him to wait again.
6. Start opening the door. If the dog breaks the wait, close the door and tell him to wait again. Start over.
7. Next, have someone behind the door start to come in. If the dog breaks the wait, close the door on the person. Start again.
8. Eventually, have the person come in and say hi to you. If the dog breaks, have the person leave.
9. When you are finished saying hi, release the dog to go say hi as well.

What to do when a dog rushes people at the door?

It’s a wonderful feeling to see that our dog is exited to see us when we get home, but this excitement may be wasted on our guests. Remember that cute puppy behavior can turn into a nuisance when the dog gets older. You may have small children or guests who are afraid of dogs, or you may just want a polite dog at the door.

Follow the steps in the video above to begin your training. Remember to reward and keep distractions to a minimum. As with all training, it takes time and some dogs can pick it up faster than others, stay patient and keep training sessions positive. If using lures and treats remove after 6-12 sessions to avoid dependence, but continue to praise.