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What Is The Stigma On Pit Bull Owners

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Jeffrey Loncosky is the treasurer at Pinups for Pitbulls. He is a pit bull type dog owner and is an advocate against BSL and breed prejudices. 

What Is The Stigma On Pit Bull Owners

Breed specific legislation gets in the way of a lot of things where I can’t just walk down in the street with Baxter and enjoy my day as if I were walking down the street with Zoey who’s hairier or hound type dog. When I am walking with Baxter, I have to constantly think about what other people might think of him, just because of the way he looks, which is ridiculous. He’s a great dog just like any other. So, when you are out in public with your dog you have to, not only be educated about the stigma or the myths that surround your dog, you have to be able to take that and convert it and just show people that they are no different than any other dog. So you constantly being an advocate, you consistently speaking out for the dogs.

WDMD’s pit bull type dog Truffle

Anyone who has had the opportunity to meet our Truffle the Maniac knows that he is one of the sweetest little dudes around. He just cannot contain his happiness when he sees people, kids or dogs. The butt just cannot stop wiggling, and the kisses are never ending. In a fight, he is the one running away, and he always shares his toys. It is so hard for us to walk him or to take him anywhere, only because people recognize that he is a pit bull type dog. We have had people cross the street when they see us coming. We had a parent, who’s child was petting Truffle, ask what kind of dog he was just to grab her child and yell at me “Why would you let a dangerous dog like that near my kid?”. She had let the child pet Truffle before she knew what kind of dog he is.

That sort of ignorance needs to stop, and we all need to be better educated about dog behavior and what it means for our pups.

PFPB is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to educate people about the history, temperament, and plight of the pit bull-type dog; raising awareness to rally against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and Breed Discriminatory Laws (BDL). PFPB’s goal is to restore the image of the pit bull-type dog to its former reputation of America’s companion animal, war hero, and family member.