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Stop A Dog From Jumping: Leash Technique

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How to stop a dog from jumping by using a leash?

1. You can teach your dog not to jump by preventing him from jumping.
2. Not everyone who comes to your house wants to train your dog or ignore him while being jumped on.
3. Have your dog on a leash. Stand on the leash so that it is short enough for the dog to have her head up but too short for her to jump.
4. Don’t give commands. Your dog will just be unable to jump.
5. Dogs can’t generalize, so he might have a hard time learning to not jump off leash. This is just a preventative.

Can a leash be an affective tool in training a dog not to jump?

Not all occasions allow for you to train your dog by ignoring or giving commands to stop jumping on people. If you plan a party or have quests; such as children who are unable to participate in your training program, the best thing you can do is to prevent your dog from jumping. While crating can do the trick, it does not allow your dog to socialize. Luckily a simple and affective method is available and you have all the tools for it.

You can prevent your dog from jumping by standing on the leash. Simply have your dog on a leash and stand on the leash. Keep enough length for your dog to move his head around comfortably but not be able to jump.

This way you do not have to give him commands or ask your visitors to ignore the dog. This especially works on walks. If your dog gets super excited to see the other dogs or people.

Because most dogs do not generalize, your dog can learn that there is no jumping on a leash, but thinks he is able to jump when off leash. If you find your dog has discovered this train of thought use other methods to correct this behavior.