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Stop Dog From Pulling On Walks

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Things to keep in mind when walking your dog:

When preparing to go on your first walk make sure you have a comfortable collar for the dog and leash. Retractable leashes are not recommended, while leather leashes are easiest on your hands if the dog pulls. Try to choose routes with the least amount of distractions such as wild life and other dogs.

When you first start working on loose leash walking, you need to make sure that every walk is a training session. Your dog can get really frustrated so keep the walk short. Stay patient! Depending on your dog, it can take a really long time to get him understand what you want him to do. Be positive and upbeat, you want him to enjoy walks and not dread them and think of them as punishments.

Walk at a fast pace to prevent your dog from pulling, because you are walking slowly. Praise and reward often!