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How To Stop Dog From Jumping Or Barking At The Door

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What to do when a dog goes crazy at the door?

Find a spot where you want your dog to be when you have people come over. I recommend a spot where your dog can still see what is going on. Take your dog to that spot. Have them “sit” or “down” then ask them to “stay” or “wait” there. You need to practice this before people come over. Release when the person is in the house or you are ready for your dog to be “All Done”.

Which command to use when training your dog to not jump and bark at the door?

Dogs and puppies jump and bark at the door because they are excited to see who is coming in or if there is anything for them.  It is important to teach your dog to be patient and to allow people to come in without having your dog run them over. This command can take a while to learn but it is super beneficial. It takes a lot of patience and repetition.

Here are our step by step instructions with a cute bulldog puppy.