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Stop Your Dog From Pulling By Practicing Commands

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How to stop a dog from pulling on walks by practicing commands?

If you really want to burn some energy AND stop your puppy or dog from pulling, practice generalizations with him! Dogs do not generalize. Just because they know how to sit on command in the house does not always mean that they will sit on command in the yard. Dogs take into account how similar or different the current situation is in comparison to past experiences. By expanding their store of experience, you can increase their responses elsewhere. So you are really doing three things at once:

  1. Stopping your dog or puppy from pulling
  2. Burning off a lot more energy than you would with just a walk
  3. Practicing his commands to make him respond better to them everywhere else.

Generalization practice is easy. About every 10-20 steps is a new world to your dog, there are new smells and new thigs to look at. Stop every 10-20 steps and ask your puppy or dog to come to you as you walk backwards (or run backwards). Reward your dog for coming to you by walking forward. Another 10-20 steps, play a game of commands with him, see how quickly he can respond to “Sit, Down, Sit, Down, Sit, Down…” then keep walking.

Another 10-20 steps stop again, get your dog or puppy in a stay and back away slowly from them. Release them to go sniff. This will tire the dog or puppy out. Your dog or puppy will not be pulling on the leash!