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How To Stop Your Dog From Territorial Barking

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Jeff Tinsley is the owner and behavior therapist at Sound Animals Dog Training. He specializes in rescue/shelter dogs, and behavior modification. His nearly 20 years of experience working with anxiety, fear, and aggression issues.

How to stop territorial barking?

So anytime you have a dog who is maybe territorial or has territorial aggression, you want to, if not completely eliminate, limit their ability to see the world outside when they are inside the house or outside in the yard.

Why limit a dog’s ability to see the outside world?

Remember that dogs will repeat behaviors that have worked in the past. So if your dog barks at something, at it goes away, in the dog’s mind they caused that “something” to leave. Limiting a territorial barker from seeing the outside world will prevent him from barking when you’re not around. You want to be able to correct the behavior right away, and when you can’t, you must prevent it from happening.

The key to not barking at things walking outside the house is supervision, well-timed commands and most importantly, treats.

How to acclimate your dog to the outside the world to prevent territorial barking?

Have a volunteer walk by the house, and every time your dog sees the walker, you are going to praise and treat. “Good boy, look who is out there” and keep repeating the behavior. As we continue to work with the dog with people going by, we try it again to help him understand that we enjoy their presence and we don’t mind them walking by the house.