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Stop A Dog From Jumping: Ignoring

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Stop jumping by ignoring your dog:

1. The best way to teach your dog not to jump is to ignore her.
2. Turning away from a dog can get some dogs excited even more. Kneeing them can hurt them.
3. Instead, keep your greetings calm.
4. Ignore the dog until he is doing what you want her to do.
5. For me, I wait until all paws are on the floor and then I give attention.
6. If she starts jumping again, stop giving attention and ignore!

How can I stop my dog from jumping?

Dogs jump to get closer to us. Kind of like we might stand on our toes to give a hug to someone taller than us. Dogs are short and they are always wanting to get at face lever to get our attention, much like when greeting their doggy friends nose to nose.

You need to teach them that you don’t want them to jump by simply ignoring them when they are jumping up. Wait for any moment of when their feet are all on the ground. Then give them attention. You might try to get down on their level to be closer to them and it actually stops a lot of dogs from jumping. Warn your guests in advance that your dog jumps and how you want them to interact with your dog, such as walking in and ignoring your dog until he is calm.

You cannot expect your dog to stop jumping on the first try if he has been allowed to jump all his life. The first time you ignore him, he might try harder and even start to bark. Just stay calm, patient and keep ignoring. Remember, dogs will match your energy level. If you are super excited when you come in and say hi, they will be really excited and jump more.

I do want to caution against ignoring unwanted behavior. If your dog is acting up out of fear or anxiety, he actually needs help from you or a professional trainer or behaviorist.