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Stop Dog From Jumping: Give a Command

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How to stop a dog from jumping?

1. You can give your dog something else to do that is incompatible with jumping.
2. I normally ask the dog to sit and stay.
3. They cannot jump up and have their butt on the floor at the same time.
4. Once they are sitting, I’ll pet them.
5. It the butt is off the ground for any length of time, all attention stops.
6. Ask them to sit again.

How to redirect unwanted jumping behavior with commands?

As a puppy your dog may have been encouraged to jump up, unfortunately, this cute cuddly behavior can become a nuisance as your dog ages.  Before teaching your dog to not jump on people, decide what do you want your dog to do instead. I am constantly hearing “I don’t want my dog to jump” and when I ask what they would like, no one really has an answer. Your dog needs something to do. He can’t just do nothing! Like a kid who is excited to open presents, we tell him to sit quietly and wait. We need to give them an incompatible behavior. He cannot jump up if he is sitting.  Or laying down, there is no way your dog can jump while laying down.

Be consistent and ask other members of the family to be consistent as well. You can also involve your guests by letting them know that they should not give your dog attention until he/ she stops and follows the given command. Remember to praise wanted behavior and ignore, if safe, unwanted behavior.