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Stop Unwanted Dog Behavior: Always Reward Correct Behavior

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Step three to stopping unwanted dog behavior: Reward the wanted behavior

  1. Reward the requested behavior.
  2. If you ask him to sit before saying hi to people and he sits. You should reward with lots of attention and petting him. If he tries to jump, remove the reward until he sits again.
  3. If he is not barking at the door, reward him.
  4. When the leash is slack while walking, he should be praised like crazy.

Do I need to reward every good behavior?

It is easy to react to bad behavior from our dogs and often reflexive, but what about good behavior? This is the most important step in stopping any unwanted behavior; you have to reward the behavior you do want. Rewards can be anything. It does not always have to be treats. You could pet your dog, verbally praise them, allow them to get on the sofa, go outside, go for a walk, play tug. Anything that your dog likes, can be used as a reward.

  • If you are just being lazy at home and your dog is relaxing by your side, praise him! Let him know that you like it when he is relaxed.
  • Your dog did not bark when the mailman rang the doorbell, praise your dog.
  • Your dog did not bite the kid when he was pulling on her tail, praise her like crazy.

There is no such thing as too much praise for your dog, so feel free to let your best friend know when they are doing the right thing!