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Choosing A Dog For Your Living Situation

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Is your living situation dog-friendly?

Take your surrounding into consideration. Do you live in a dog-friendly neighborhood, apartment or house? Are there other dogs and people to socialize your dog with? You need to make sure your house is big enough for the breed you want. You also want a place where there is easy access for your dog to go to the bathroom.

Is my new dog welcome in my home?

Before you adopt and bring a dog home, you need to make sure that there are no laws about owning dogs in your community. You can get this information from your local animal control offices, your local shelter or just searching the internet. Some good questions to think about are: Are there licensing requirements, number of dog restrictions, or Breed Specific Legislatures that you need to be aware of?

Many insurance providers do not offer homeowner or rental coverage if you have particular breeds. Furthermore, some landlords do not allow certain dogs into their houses. Check to see what parks are dog friendly and make sure you are aware of leash rules in your area. There is nothing worse than bringing your dog home just to realize that you are not allowed to have them. 

Will my new dog be happy where I live?

Since your new family member will be spending most of his/hers time where you live, make sure its the right environment. Larger breeds need more space inside and outside the home. There needs to be easy access for them to go the bathroom. Consider what pets and other people are living in the house already. Some breeds are bred to chase birds so if you have chickens you may want to steer clear of that breed. Small children and the elderly can also get knocked down by large breeds.