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Teach A Dog to Stay: Step Three

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How do you teach your dog to stay? Step Three:

1. While your dog in a stay, try to distract him with yourself.
2. You can walk behind him.
3. Try stepping over him.
4. Can you lay down in front of your dog while he is in a stay?

How to add distractions when teaching stay?

As with all commands you want your dog to be able to generalize the stay command and follow it in all situations. Once your dog is able to follow and hold the command consistently you can start adding distractions. These distractions can be you walking around him, over him and having someone walk into the room.

Remember to start small and move to larger distractions once your dog seems ready. Be patient with your dog. He will probably break his stay when you move around him. You can say “Ah Ah’ – if you catch him right before he fully breaks a stay. Or just start all over again. Keep training sessions short, fun and rewarding for your dog.