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Teach A Dog To Stay During Fetch

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How to teach stay during fetch?

1. The ultimate test for a stay is during fetch.
2. Get your dog in a stay and pretend to throw the toy or the ball.
3. You might have to hold on to the collar to make sure he does not run off after it.
4. Keep repeating until he can stay.
5. Then throw the toy. Once again hold the collar to keep him from running after it.
6. His reward is the release to go run after the toy.

How to train your dog to stay when he wants to chase?

Teaching a dog to stay during a game of fetch may not seem to have any practical value, except giving you another way to practice “stay”. But getting your dog to ignore his instinct to chase something is an important step in keeping him and you safe. You don’t want your dog chasing balls, toys or animals into the street and possibly dragging you with him.

This is the ultimate test for your dog. Follow the steps above and remember that the best reward is letting him go after the ball after a set amount of time.