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Teach Come: Make Sure To Grab The Collar

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Why should you grab the collar when teaching come?

When your dog comes to you, make sure to always reach out and touch or grab their collar. This prevents a “drive-by” where the dog grabs the treat and runs off from you. Or you play catch the dog. You want to be able to get hold of him when it is time to go home or when it is not safe for him to continue running around.

How to prevent your dog from running past you?

After a fun day at the park, it is time to go home, but your best friend is not cooperating. If your dog runs past you, or takes the treat out of your hand and runs off, you may become frustrated. You need to teach your dog to come to you and allow you to get hold of his collar.

The simple steps:

  1. When you call your dog over, just reach and get hold of the collar while giving a treat or praising.
  2. Then let your dog go.
  3. Repeat the exercise.

This way your dog learns that he is expected to stay and be restrained by either your hand or leash when commanded to come. Keep training sessions short to avoid boredom and after 6-12 repetitions remove food rewards and replace with praise and attention.