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Teach Any Dog A Reliable Come: Step One

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How to use lures to teach “come?”

Teaching your dog to come to you is one of the most important commands in basic dog obedience. To make sure that your dog is consistent and comes to you every time you call, you want to start with a successful first session.

Start in a low distraction area and make sure you have an appealing treat for them. At first keep a short distance between you and your dog. Say your dog’s name and then the command “come”. Lure him over with a treat while taking a step back. It is important to let your dog go after having him come to you to teach your dog that you are not just going to leash him up and take him away. You want to keep the training session fun and positive so that obeying the command “come” is something your dog wants to do. Only lure the dog 6-12 times before replacing with praise and life rewards, such taking him for a walk or playing tug-of-war when the dog comes.