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Teach Any Dog A Reliable Come: Step Three

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How to help your dog generalize the “come” command?

To make this command reliable, it is important to get rid of the lure and to practice in other places. Start off simple. Maybe you begin by doing “come” on leash during walks. Then slowly at the park (hopefully no dogs around). Then a “come” from people and eventually from dogs. You need to teach the come command in steps. You want to set your dog up to succeed. Make sure you master each step before adding distractions your dog may not be ready for.

The most important part of the come command is to release your dog after he comes to you, if it is safe. This means that when you are at the dog park, periodically call your dog over and then let them go back to play. Releasing your dog after calling him over is best reward that you can do. This way the dog learns, sometimes mom or dad calls me over to just check in. This does not mean my fun is over. This also insures that when you do need to go, your dog is a lot more willing to come to you.