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Teach Your Dog To Stay: Dog Keeps Getting Up

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What to do when the dog won’t stay?

1. Try to catch him right as he is getting ready to break the stay. You can usually see some movement.
2. Let your dog know that was not the correct choice. I usually say “Uh-Uh”
3. Take a step towards the dog and give the command again.
4. Make sure you get your dog in a stay. This time though release faster and repeat the exercise.
5. You may choose not to reward your dog after a broken stay. But make sure to reward if he stays the second time.

How to correct a broken “stay” command?

Odds are, your dog will get up while you are teaching your dog to stay. Don’t get upset! Stay calm. Take a step towards your dog, raise your hand again and say “Stay”. If you can catch your dog right before he is fully up, then just say “Ah-Ah, stay” and he should be able to settle back down. Release your dog from the stay sooner and then practice again! Keep practicing until you can increase the time in stay, but keep session short and fun.