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Teach Any Dog A Reliable Stay: Step One

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How to start teaching the “stay” command?

When first teaching “stay” you have to keep your stay really short. It might have to literally be a second. That is okay. This is the first time you have presented this command to your dog. You also have to avoid moving when teaching “stay”. Dogs pick up a lot of information from us. When you are first teaching your dog to stay any movement from you may indicate that it’s ok for him to get moving as well.

You can have your dog in a sit, down or stand when teaching stay. The easiest one is down because it is harder for your dog to get up from that. Stand stay is the hardest.

The second part of teaching stay is releasing your dog from stay. You need to pick a phrase and be consistent with it. Do not use “Good Dog” because you want to be able to praise your dog while he is in the stay (you eventually want to be able to give him treats!!). Some great options are “Okay”, “All Done” or “Release”. It is important that your dog only breaks his stay once you give the release command.

What to do if your dog keeps breaking a stay?