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How To Teach A Dog To Drop It

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How to teach the “drop it” command

1. When first learning, ALWAYS give the object back to your dog, unless it is dangerous.
2. You don’t want your dog to think that you take all his treasures away, so he learns to avoid giving them to you.
3. Grab hold of the object in the dog’s mouth. Do not pull, do not pry the mouth open.
4. Say “Drop It” and wait.
5. You can hold the collar to prevent your dog from tugging.
6. When he drops, resume play and repeat the exercise.

Teaching the “drop it” command:

When first teaching your dog “Drop It” it is absolutely important to give the object back to your dog. Doing a trade works great if your dog has something you don’t or can’t give back to him. If you are constantly taking things from your dog, he will learn to run away from you so that you don’t take his treasures away!

Remember that attention and play can’t resume until the object is dropped. Your dog will learn that if he wants play to continue he will need to drop the ball, or toy.  Hold the collar so it does not become a fun game of tug-of-war for your dog.

Until your dog has better impulse control and is house trained, do not leave anything out that you don’t want your dog to get a hold of. You might have to supervise your dog at all times, if you cannot, he should be in a crate or approved doggy spot where he can’t get into anything.