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Teach Any Dog To Stop Pulling

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Stop dogs from pulling 

Remember, do not go forward if the leash is tight. You can go backward, turn around and walk back or you can stand still. Just not forward. It is okay for the dog or puppy to be in front of you as long as the leash is not tight. As soon as there is any pressure on the leash, stop in your track and wait for him to come back. If he’s taking too long to come back, start walking backward or simply walk another way. Once he is by your side, praise him and start walking again. Take your time and be patient. Until he no longer pulls keep walks short and train.

How to correct leash pulling?

Many people are frustrated because standing still does not work on their dog or their puppy, he keeps pulling. Even after many minutes you just standing there. The best thing to do is to simply turn around and walk the other way. This way your dog or puppy will have to come walk next to you or on a loose leash. Keep doing this over and over. You might be walking in circles, but trust me this is the best thing for your dog. Keep doing this until your dog understands that he cannot go forward until the leash is loose.

If that fails, go back home. Your dog is just not ready to practice this outside. Start walking around the house with your dog on leash and reward him when he is next to you. Once he is proficient there, go to the backyard and do the same thing. Then practice in the driveway and eventually on the street. Skip walking on the street until you think your dog is ready.

Remember, if he is pulling you out the door and down the driveway, he will continue pulling during the walk. It is important to make sure that your dog does not pull you out the door (practice wait by the door) and down the driveway. From the first step, your dog or puppy needs to know that pulling does not get him anywhere.