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Teach Any Dog To Stop Pulling: Other Suggestions

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Other ways to stop a dog from pulling on walks:

1. Walk backwards in the yard with your dog walking toward you. This will teach your dog to walk toward you and in a sense your do will learn that he only moves forward if he is next to you.
2. Talk a lot and praise him. Talking to your dog and praising him during walking, makes your dog slow down and look back or up to you. This will cause your dog to slow down. It is like you checking in with your dog, like “Hey man, I still got you. How you doing?”
3. This will help him learn that all the fun happens when he is next to you.
4. He cannot pull if you’re walking backwards. If you are walking backwards your dog will automatically not pass you. He will want to walk toward you.
5. If he passes you, turn around and walk the other way.

Victoria Stillwell has some great Keys to Success for you and your dog :

  • Teach Impulse Control: Teach your dog to wait before being asked to exit your car or house.
  • Switch to a Harness: When walking on a leash the dog automatically pulls against the collar or a back clipping harness. The best option is to get a harness with a front or chest connection.
  • Exercise your dog before going on a walk: This might sound counterintuitive, but until your dog no longer pulls on the leash, you need to get his energy level down. Do a good romp in the yard, play some tug of war or fetch.
  • Learn the Right Technique: When a dog pulls you need to stop dead in your track. Dogs pull because they are successful. They pull and this lets them go forward. If you do not allow them to go forward unless there is no pressure on the leash, your dog will quickly learn not to pull.